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Did you know that you are losing out on opportunity because your resume isn't in the right format?


Hi, I'm Jonaed! 


Please read the below before looking at the formats!

I have written over 400 resumes and have landed my clients interviews at Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, TikTok, Tesla, Disney, Spotify, and more. 


I have landed myself interviews at Amazon and Microsoft. I have tested different resume formats and have learned from other resume writers. A good format will definitely help you get more interviews. Feel free to check the reviews at the bottom of my LinkedIn profile. I have over 180 of them


There is something called the ATS. It stands for Applicant Tracking Systems. I have worked with people with great resumes who weren’t getting interviews. All I did was adjust formatting and in a lot of cases, it doubled to tripled the amount of interviews.


Now you still need to work on the content and make sure it highlights you in an effective manner. 


Below are 2 resume formats to follow. One of them is a traditional format. The other one is a format that is better suited for technical resumes. Please note there are many more formats and it will depend on your experience and background. 


These formats are free for you to use. I get a lot of messages and wanted to give something so that people that can’t afford my services can still move in the right direction. If you plan on using a different resume writer and they give you a format with a lot of fancy formatting (colors, logos, pictures, underlines), run away. You will waste your money.


For those of you who want to use me, please note that I spend about 4-6 hours with people on their resumes. I sit down with people and write their resume in front of them. I am in the US and tend to focus on working with people in the US and Canada. I focus on working with executives. I cover LinkedIn optimization, networking strategies, applications strategies, and more. I also give my clients an interview prep guide and assist with salary negotiation. Just send me a message on LinkedIn and I would be more than happy to go into more detail and talk pricing. Since my time is limited, I've decided to create a job search strategy and resume course. The link is below.


I wish you the best of luck. Please realize that you need to spend time on your resume. The format can only do so much. It still needs good content that reflects and highlights your accomplishments accurately.

If any of you want to support me, below are my socials and some helpful resources.


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2 Free ATS Friendly Resume Templates

These templates will point you in the right direction BUT...

Templates can only do so much. There are still a lot of other things that will help you in the job search.

If a template will help you land more interviews, just think about what can happen if you knew all of the other things. 


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